Current Hairstyles for Women Over 60

If you are over 60, you do not have to stick with the same hairstyles each year because with these current hairstyles for women over 60, you will look fabulous, flirty and confident. If you need specific advice on choosing the best hairstyle, talk with a stylist and you can also read some hair magazines to get inspiration.

Bold and Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Boyish Haircut With Side Bangs


This hairstyle accentuates the maturity in your face while still emphasizing your younger looking features at the same time. The bangs hide the wrinkles on your head and this hairstyle is simple to maintain. Another good thing about this hairstyle is that it can be worn in any hair color except those bold bright colors.

Classic Bob


The classic bob has sophistication and simplicity, and this is why it is a great choice for women over 60. This hairstyle covers the wrinkles well and it is sleek so this adds sex appeal to your overall look.Even if most of your hair is gray, you can still sport a classic bob and in fact, you will look fabulous with a bon if your hair is gray.

Layered Hairstyles


Because wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face and head more once you turn 60, you should look for hairstyles that will camouflage them effectively. Layered hairstyles work well for these purposes and they do not have to look boring and average. Layered hairstyles are easy to style on a regular basis and it softens your face.

Get Fierce With A Pixie Cut


For the women who refuse to let age stop them from experimenting with their hair, celebrate your boldness with a pixie cut because it is the epitome of funky yet classy. In order to successfully pull off the pixie cut, your hair needs to be at least two inches long all around the hair. If you have thinner hair than in previous years, this cut creates an illusion of thicker hair.



You can also sport a feathered flip shag hairstyle because this is feminine yet age appropriate. If your hair is gray, this hairstyle is best with colored hair so you should have the stylist color your hair black or dark brown to add youthfulness to this style.

Cap Cut


Another good hairstyle for those over age 60 is the cap cut and this is a style where the front part of the hair has bangs. If you have a long shaped face this hairstyle is the best choice for you.

Chignon Bun


If you are attending a formal event, the chignon bun is an excellent choice if you have medium-length hair because this makes you look graceful and still youthful. Accessorize your bun with a decorative hairpin and be sure to add holding spray so that it will stay in place for the duration of the event.



If your hair is chin-length and wavy, you can wear your waves as they are because the waves give your face a soft look and if you wear bangs with the waves, you will hide any wrinkles that developed on the forehead over the years.

These days you can look stylish with your clothing and hair after turning 60 and this is one of the best ways to flaunt your beauty and maturity to the world. If your stylist recommends a look that you disagree with, don’t be afraid to disagree and instead choose something that best suits you. Finally, you should wear a hairstyle that best suits your facial structure.