Super-Easy Cool Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is the envy of some women who do not have this hair but for those with long hair, they sometimes run out of ideas on what to do with the hair. Well, with these cool braided hairstyles for long hair, you can show off the long tresses in creative ways that will catch others’ attention. If your hair is not long but you want long braided styles, the stylist can put a weave in so that you can achieve these styles.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cornrows and Micro braids


These are simple braided hairstyles that you can sport for casual and formal occasions. The good thing about wearing cornrows is that you don’t need extensions and there are several methods of doing cornrows. Some women do partial cornrows by wearing the top and middle section in cornrows and letting the bottom part hang loose. Other women wear cornrows with a bun on the side or in the back. Microbraids are styled by braiding all of your hair in tiny sections.

French Braid


This is a quick hairstyle to fix if you are having a bad hair day. To achieve this style, you would part your hair in the middle and then braid each section before braiding both sections together to create one beautiful braid. Accessorize the French braid by putting some decorative hairpins or a huge bow in the back.

Fishtail Braid

The French fishtail braid

To get this style, you want to put your hair in a ponytail and then you would put your hair in two sections and then you want to combine the right half of the hair with the left section of the hair. Repeat this step a few times until the braid is complete and then place a rubberband around the braid.

Braided Headband

braided head-band

This is a simple hairstyle that lasts for days or even weeks if maintained properly. The first step is to put your hair in two sections on one side of the head and then you would brush your hair towards the back while placing this hair in a ponytail. Then you will need to braid across the head and once you are finished, you want to secure it with pins.



This is a fun hairstyle that works well for teens and college aged women with long hair. The key is to style the pigtails as low braids rather than neat the middle of the hair. Part your hair down the middle than braid each section and put the sections toward the front of your hair. Secure the ends of the pigtails with decorative ribbons or hairpins.

Braided Bun


To get this simple look, you want to pull your hair to the top of your hair then braid two or three sections of the hair before putting the braids into a high bun. This keeps the hair away from your face and you can put cowrie shells or other hair accessories near the bun.

The benefit of wearing braids is that you don’t have to style braids the same way everyday. You can wear a different braided style each day without getting bored, and these styles are making your healthy because with braids you’re not applying chemicals or excess heat to your hair. If you have extensions in your hair and these extensions are braided, it is important that you wash and grease the scalp periodically. You should also get the braids refreshed by your stylist every few weeks. Finally, never braid hair too tight as this causes hair breakage.