Classic Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

So you are getting bored with your long hair and you want to be bold with your hair for the first time in ten years. Now is the time to consider classic short hairstyles for women over 40 because there are numerous short hairstyles that will reflect your maturity and confidence. When choosing a hairstyle, you do not want to limit yourself just to certain standard styles but instead experiment with different looks until you find one that best suits you.

Stylish Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Classic Bob Hairstyle


The classic bob is timeless and fabulous, and it is not hard to maintain. The classic bob has bangs and if you are starting to get wrinkles near the head, this look is ideal for you. Since the classic bob is always sleek, you will need a flat iron to straighten your bob when your hair gets frizzy at times. Ant-frizz serum and light grease are also important when maintaining the bob.

Pixie Cut


The pixie cut has several variations on it so if you want this hairstyle, look at photos of older women with pixie cuts and talk with your stylist to see which kind of pixie cut looks best for your facial structure. If your hair is thinning near the top, make sure the stylist creates some height when styling your pixie cut.

Short Cropped Afro


If you are a woman of color over 40 and you prefer the natural look, you can wear a short cropped Afro because it is low maintenance and it looks very neat if maintained the right way.You want to moisturize your scalp regularly since your hair dries out at times. You should also visit the stylist so he can refresh the Afro and clean the hair.



If you have chin-length hair, a shag is an ideal hairstyle for you because it contains layers and layers help you achieve a youthful look without making you appear too young in the face. When your stylist fixes your shag, ask her to give you side swept bangs for an extra flair to the hairstyle. For an 80s style shag, have the stylist give you feathered bangs in the front.

Cropped Cut


With this hairstyle, your hair would be slightly short right above the ears and the front and back of the hair is a little longer yet not too long. When you ear a cropped cut you can style it in a variety of ways. For example, you may decide to go back to the mod hairstyles of the 60s with your cropped cut. The boyish cut is similar to the cropped cut.

Straw Set


For those with medium-length coarse hair, you can have the stylist give you a straw set and with this style, he washes your hair then applies drinking straws or skinny rods to your hair. Then the stylist would put you under the dryer for about an hour before removing the straws and teasing your hair. It is a good idea to keep straws on hand at home in case you have to recurl certain strands.

Short hairstyles have come a long way since decades ago and it is no longer taboo for women to sport very short hair. You may decide to experiment with different short cuts before you find one that best suits you. When you receive your new hairstyle, ask the stylist for recommendations on how you should maintain the look and visit the stylist periodically to get the style updated.