Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

The discovery of the bob cut wasn’t known worldwide, until the beginning of the 20th century, when a famous dancer shocked the world by chopping her beautiful hair short. Nowadays, bobs have become a modern staple design, especially for young women who love to keep a sexy look by showing the nape area. However, this cut doesn’t only look good with teenagers. In fact, this is most suitable for mature women who have very defined facial features and have a few face lines that complement the vertical lines of the cut. For bob hairstyles for women over 60, there are methods you can choose to make your flattering hairstyle for your face and body.

Before deciding on the cut, you need to consider a few things as follows:

Hair Density– this is very important since most bob cuts are meant for people with thin-medium hair volume. Those with thick hair would find out that their hair needs a lot of chopping before achieving the desired proportion.
Hair Color – though it may seem irrelevant, there are several styles that look good on a certain shade or color. For example, blonde hair looks best on very short and thin layers. Rich colors like red and chocolate look better in medium length hairstyles that showcase well-cut bangs. This is because long lengths make rich colors shine; thus creating a lustrous illusion.
Hair type – this can be classified as straight, wavy, or curly. The length of the bob should be based on the type. For instance, cutting a curly hair to medium length would be very hard to form as opposed to cutting it a bit shorter. The type of layers made with the cut also depends largely on the hair type.

Suggested Hairstyles for Over 60 Women

A-line Bob

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

This is a structured hairstyle best for straight hair. “A-line” means that the shape of the hair from the crown to the tips looks like the letter “A” with a little inward flair at the ends. Since this is supposed to be structure, no layers are applied. The edges are given several blunt cuts to make the flair.

This style looks well with dark colors with highlights. Using it on curly hair can be a good variation too. However, a lot of layering needs to be done around the edges since curly hair tends to go all over the place with a little head movement.

Medium-length with Wispy Layers


The length is normally around the top of the shoulders or a little bit below the chin. Wispy means arbitrary cuts with no specific pattern. Your stylist would just randomly cut the edges until it looks evenly distributed throughout. This adds a sharp look and makes a very sexy appearance.

This looks good on blonde hair, most of all. It is best applied for great to fine hair strands and would be even better with color shading. If you don’t want colors, ask your stylist to shorten the back hair as much as possible. This is so you get the most volume out of the style. But, if you have very thick hair, there is no need for this.

Chin-Length Bob with Frayed Edges


This is another structured cut with a longer length on the front part. The rounding layer from front to back is not very different in levels to emphasize the shine of the hair. It needs constant combing since this cut makes the strands lighter. However, that only happens if you blow dry your hair after a bath.

Maintenance-wise, it isn’t very demanding. You would find it very convenient aside from the frequent combing. Moreover, you will need a shine serum to give the hair a little shine.