Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 45

Being updated with the fashion trends is every woman’s duty. Keeping yourself look good is the best way to inspire everyone around you and keep the overall confidence. For mature women, hairstyle options start to decrease since there are particular cuts that don’t look very good with a defined face. The following are some of the best bob hairstyles for women over 45 that you can use as basis for your next visit to the salon.
Getting a bob isn’t limited to women with straight hair. They can look great on curly hair too. However, there is a level of care that you will need to practice in order to keep the form of the cut as stable as possible. The number one problem with bobs is that they tend to get messy with a small gust of wind or light contact. When you have curly hair, you will need to use clips to keep your locks in place at the most part.

Best Hairstyles For Women Over 45

Soft Bobs

This group of bob usually comes in short lengths with a lot of tapering applied. It is very easy to handle in terms of combing or brushing. Since older women look better with short hair, this group would be the most suitable choice.

Chin-length Bob with round and tapered layer –


You can try to imagine a bicycle helmet with this style. The longest part of your hair ends around the same level of your chin. This would normally be the front portion. The back portion on the other hand can be raised up to 2-3 inches below the crown similar to the back of a helmet and layered to meet the front hair length.

Shoulder-length straight cut with a long rounding front curve –


This makes use of the hair’s natural tendency to fly away. However, this requires skill in order to change the direction inwards. This is suitable for women with rich blonde hair since it really flatters the entire shape. Blonde colors add shine to the entire style.

Long Bobs

As it literally suggests, this is a group of bob hairstyles with longer lengths. Bob are originally short but this one is a modern take on the trend. Straight hair is still the most suitable for these styles, but wavy ones can also handle it.

Shoulder length straight cut with tapered back layers and side swept bangs –


Plain colors look best for this hairstyle. You can make a lot of variations on the bangs, but the best one would be an even cut in line with the eyebrows. Try imagining a head in side view with one point located under the jaw in line with the shoulder. The other point should be 2 inches from the nape sideways. Connect the two dots and that’s how this cut would look like from a side perspective.

Blunt cut bob ending between the chin and shoulders with wispy layers for the body –

Blunt cut bob

This is suitable for wavy or curly hair since it doesn’t emphasize much on the volume. If you are familiar with how a hair would look after a strong breeze passes by, that would be the wispy layer. Don’t worry; it won’t look as messy as you think. Your stylist knows how to incorporate the layer with the cut to make it look good overall.

It is essential that you start bringing along a mirror and a brush with you all the time. Bobs are very susceptible to wind blows and you might have a bad hair day because of not being prepared. Check photos in the internet that match the following description so you would have an idea of how it would look like.