Hairstyles for Mature Women with Fine Hair

A famous figure skater named Dorothy Hamill was America’s sweetheart because of her figure skating ability. When Hamill got famous for her Olympic performance, every little girl and woman wanted her hair style, which was the bob. The bob hair style is popular for young women, but these days, there are women who are middle age that are also taking advantage of all that short hair has to offer. There are plenty of bob hairstyles for women over 40, and with the right cut, color, and clothing, a woman over 40 can look just as good in the bob as a woman in her 20s and 30s.

A bob style haircut for women with hair that has gone completely grey:-

Bob Look

Many women over 40 may decide to give up on their hair when it starts to turn grey. However, letting the hair go completely grey is one thing, but that does not mean that the hair should just grow wild and unkempt. Grey hair is actually quite lovely, and with a short bob style, the hair can be cut short enough to make it easy to manage especially if the hair is naturally straight because the bob will look sharp with all the hair being the same length.

A smart blond bob with the ends slightly curled in:-


While some women have no problem at all letting their grey take over their hair, but other women are not about to let that happen and decide that grey hair is just too dull and prefer to dye their hair an ash blonde color, which is going to do a great job of concealing the grey. The blond color is also perfect for a woman over 40 because the color itself is not too bold or brassy, but actually will help take away years from a woman’s appearance.

A long style bob for a woman with naturally curly hair:-

The long bob

A bob style that has the hair cut to the edge of the jaw can be used for a woman over 40 that is trying to go for a more relaxed look. With a short bob, the hair is cut all one length, and for women with straight hair, the style is sharp looking and very serious. However, for women with curly hair, it is nearly impossible for their hair to be cut straight because the natural wave is going to make it curly slightly. However, because the style is longer than a regular bob, the curls would be stretched out some, which is going to make for a wavy style that is perfect for a woman who is thinking about taking it easy and easing into retirement with a new style that reflects her more relaxed life.

A shoulder length bob with S waves from braids:-

shoulder length bob

A fun hairstyle would be for a woman over 40 to take her bob, split her hair in half, and when fresh out of the shower, turn those pig tails into two braids. Once the hair dries, the braids can be taken out, and the result will be a lot of fun. The top of the hair will be straight, but the bottom half of the hair will have the S waves that came from the braids. To really get a lot of S waves, braids can also be placed on the sides of the head, and even the back. With S waves everywhere, a woman over 40 will give her bob a new twist with a fun hairstyle that will be perfect for weekends or even a special occasion that needs a special hairstyle that will turn heads and get that woman a lot of very positive attention.