Best Prom Hairstyles For Strapless Dresses

When the spring comes, teenage girls all around the country start to panic because they know that very soon it is going to be time to get ready for the most important event in any school, which is the annual prom. For some girls, prom is a happy fun occasion, but for others the fun cannot begin until the right boy has asked, and the right strapless dress has been chosen. Once the strapless dress is bought then comes the search for the best prom hairstyles for strapless dresses, and sometimes the search can be long and difficult, but once it is found, then the most unforgettable night of their lives can finally begin.

Short hair pulled back with the right accessory



A girl that has short hair may think that there is little she can do with her hair. However, the truth is that short hair does not have to mean that it cannot be done for the big night. To help make short hair look great for prom, all a girl has to do is wash it, add some mousse, use a hair dryer to dry it, then smooth it down with some hair serum, then add a sparkling headband that matches the color of the dress.

A simple wavy hair style for a strapless gown



Back in the day, women used to go to bed with curlers in their hair if they wanted to do their hair in a special style the next morning. However, now thanks to things like curling irons, women do not have to do that because the curling iron can curl hair in just a few minutes. With a simple wavy style for prom, girls will have to relive those days because they will need to wash their hair, set it in pin curls, then go to bed with them set in their hair. The next morning, they will have beautiful waves that will look great when it comes time to get ready to go to the prom.

Barrettes to pin down the top of the hair but the rest with plenty of volume:


This may seem like a strange hair do, but the idea is that the hair is parted down the middle with barrettes to smooth it down. However, the hair from the ears down will have more volume. The style is simple to do because all a woman has to do is wash her hair, add some mousse and scrunch it with fingers to make it stand out. With the barrettes, and jeweled ones are best because of the special occasion, a girl’s hair will be simple yet elegant. For another twist on the barrette style, some girls will take locks of hair from their sides, then pull them back to the back of their head, and put barrettes all along the sides for what looks like a jeweled head band. Who said barrettes had to be for just little girls?

A braid style that cannot be beat:


A really special way for a girl to do her hair for prom is to put her hair in several braids. However, once the braids are tied off then hair from each one can be taken out, but not all the hair can be taken from them. The hair that is taken from the braids will have a wave in it, then all the braids can be gathered together and then twisted into a chignon at the base of the skull. Some women like to put fancy hair sticks or barrettes in their hair to pull some of it back especially around the face. By doing this simple style, a girl can have a beautiful hair style that will match her equally lovely strapless dress.