Best Prom Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Prom is a special time of year where both teenage boys and girls look their best for the very special night. Girls sometimes spend months in search of the perfect dress, and along with the dresses comes the right shoes, jewelry, and of course, the perfect hairstyles. The way a girl’s hair looks can be just as important as the dress she wears, and if she has a one shoulder dress, then finding the best prom hairstyles for one shoulder dresses is very important so she is a complete package from head to foot.

Top 5 Hairstyles For One-Shoulder Dresses

Long hair with one side pulled back


With a one shoulder dress, one shoulder is bare, and for girls that really want a great style, then having their hair pulled back to one side is going to look great. A great dress has to make a girl’s body look as asymmetrical as possible, and having one side pulled back is going to add to that symmetry and flatter her body as much as the dress.

An up do with bangs swept to the opposite side


Many prom dresses are not just off of one shoulder, but the design of the dress may be focused on just one side of their body. To take advantage of this unique dress style, a girl can have her hair put up in an up do, but put her bangs to the opposite side. With her hair put up, it is going to make her appear taller, which is going to help her look more slender.

A short hair spiky style to go along with a one sided dress


Some girls do not like long hair, and prefer to keep their hair nice and short. However, when it comes time for prom, they may have problems deciding on what to do with their really short hair. One clever style is to take their hair and spike the front and sides of it, which is going to draw as much attention as the dress they are wearing. However, the spiky look only works for girls with straight hair, girls with naturally curly hair may have problems getting their hair to spike due to the natural waves in their hair.

A long hair style with curls on the same side as the dress

Long Curls

For girls with long hair, a great style would be to take their long hair and sweep it to the same side as the one shoulder that is covered with the dress. However, to add some volume to the hair, the long hair on the one side can be loaded with long curls. The curls can then be picked out to lengthen them and give girls a goddess-like appearance with long curls cascaded down their bodies.

An up do with hairs framing round face


Some girls love the sleek elegant look of all of their hair put up on top of their head, but if they have a round face, then they need to make sure their hairstyle does all it can to make that round face look slender. One sure way to make that round face look thinner is to leave some of the sides loose so the hairs can be curled and frame the face. Girls with round faces can also add a little something to lengthen the appearance of their face like chandelier-type earrings and also a matching necklace. Having a round face can make some girls feel self-conscious, and they always do everything they can to make their faces look as thin as possible. By having hair curled around their face, they will not only have a great hair style, but they will also have a thinner more beautiful face and jawline.