Best Hairstyles For Women Over 45

Women these days want to look their best, and in order to do that, they turn to the mainstream media to see what is being reported on with things like the news, the television, and on the radio. Typically, women look for important media figures like celebrities to see what they are wearing. For women over 45, it is especially important that they keep up with things like fashion, makeup, and hairstyles. The best hairstyles for women over 45 are not that different then they are for younger women. Here are some great hairstyles that woman over 45 can use to make themselves look a lot younger.

Superb Hairstyles For Women Over 45

The long bob – Great For Women On the Go

Best Hairstyles For Women Over 45

The problem with women over a certain age is that they do not have the same free time as younger women to devote to their hair. These days, anything that women can wash and go is what is preferred because women have their careers plus their families to deal with. The long bob is perfect for wash and go because all a woman needs is her hair dryer, and a round brush to give some attention to the ends. The round brush will give the ends a slight curl to them, and with a little mousse, a woman will have a messy yet fashionable look that will make it look like she spent hours on her hair when she really did not.

Short In The Front And Long In The Back

Short In The Front And Long In The Back

Many people make fun of the idea of a mullet, there is a way to do it that makes it look really good especially on a woman over 45. A mullet is long in the back, but short in the front, and while it is associated with the 1980s, modern women can wear it if they style it just right. The mullet for women will look great for women with naturally curly hair, and using thinning scissors will help cut down the thickness of the hair, which is going to control the curl. For special occasions, mousse, gel or a curling iron and hair dryer can add some volume to the hair and really make the curl stand out.

The layered bob – A Flirty Look For Older Women

Layered bob

Bobs can be plain and ordinary, but layering the bob can add a flirty look to an older woman. The hair will be free flowing, and with the bangs combed over to the side, which will make them look a little wind swept, a woman over 45 can look at least 10 years younger.

A shaggy cut – Layers Can Add Youthfulness

Some women prefer to have their hair long, while others cannot stand the work involved with long hair, and want to keep their hair as short as possible. While just straight hair can be boring, the fact is a shaggy style can be short, easy to work with, but can also be fashionable. With a shaggy cut that has been layered, the hair is different lengths around the head. Also, for an older woman who is facing having grey hair, she can have her hair stylist add a lighter shade of her natural hair color. Some women who are over a certain age like to have blond added to their hair, which is going to help the grey hairs blend in better. For women with naturally dark hair, the addition of blond coloring might not be the best way to help with the gray hair, but one thing they can do is lighten their entire head, and then have the blond put into it.