Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women that can make heavy women look slimmer

When you are overweight, you want to find the best hairstyles for overweight women that flatter your figure and look wonderful at the same time. Your stylist is a good source of help when choosing a good hairstyle and you should also consider your facial structure. If you have a round face, you want to look for a hairstyle that has a little height on the top of the hair. It is also not the best idea to wear your hair too short but instead wear a style that goes to at least the shoulders.

Good Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Layered Hairstyles

Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women
When you wear layered hairstyles, you add volume to your hair and this is important if you are a plus sized woman. There are diverse layered styles to choose from and this includes the shag and choppy layered hairstyles. If you want your hair to look less round, have the stylist fix the layered style right below the chin.

Flip Hairstyle


When you wear a flip hairstyle as a plus sized woman, you exhibit your inner confidence and it flatters your shape in a great way. The best way to wear your flip is with straight medium-length hair since it works best with your figure. When you are fixing the flip, you don’t want to have very tight curls at the end but instead the ends should be free flowing.

Chin Length Bob


The chin length bob is a good choice for overweight women and to get the best effect for your hair, you want to have the stylist put your hair in stacked layers where the first layer is cut right near the chin with the other layers of hair stacked within the bottom layer of hair. The front part of your hair should be longer than the back section and have the stylist give you bangs.

Up dos Are Not Ideal for Overweight Women

You want to avoid fancy up dos if you are an overweight woman because the up do will draw too much attention to the features of the face that you don’t want the focus to be on such as the cheeks and neck. It is always better to style your hair with chin length or shoulder length styles.

Avoid Very Long Hairstyles

If you are an overweight woman, you should stay away from very long hairstyles because they do not flatter your face well. If you have very long hair, it is a good idea to have your stylist cut a few inches of the hair off so that your hair will look better and be easy to manage.

Asymmetrical Bang


When sporting your layered hairstyle or chin-length bob, you should have asymmetrical bangs because they give your hair an edgy look and they draw attention to your best features overall. If you don’t like the asymmetrical bangs, you can wear feathered bangs for a slight retro look.

Wavy Hairstyles


Shoulder length wavy hair styles look good on overweight women with oval faces because these styles complement their shapes well. To get the best effect with wavy hairstyles, you should part your hair on the side and this adds an elegance to your look.

When you are overweight, it becomes a challenge to try to look your best when clothing choices are somewhat limited at times but thankfully you have several great options when it comes to your hair because with these styles, you will look confident no matter which outfit you wear. Experiment with different styles and don’t be afraid to try a new hair color to complement your hairstyle and skin tone.