African American Braided Hairstyles With Bangs

African American braided hairstyles with bangs are a neat way to add versatility and pizzazz to the way you style your hair and these hairstyles are low maintenance so you will not have to spend a lot of time in the mirror doing your hair. You can either create these styles yourself or visit a stylist to fix the style for you.

Cute Braided African American Hairstyles With Bangs

Braided Bun With Side Bangs


Start by parting your hair down the middle then take a few sections of the hair and hold those with a clip. Then you would braid the rest of your hair in a bun and you do this by putting your hair in a low bun then starting from the top, you would braid from one side of your hair to other end of your hair. Finally, curl the loose strands on the side of your hair.

Side Braid With Bangs


To achieve this look, you would comb out a section of your hair near the front and then you pull the rest of your hair to the side and braid three large sections of your hair. Secure the end of the side braid with a decorative hair pin and then you would take a curling iron and create loose curls for bangs. This is ideal for those who want a bohemian look.

Cornrows With Braids


Start by washing and air drying your hair for thirty minutes, and then comb out a small section of the hair to move towards the front because you will curl this section to create bangs. To style the cornrows, you want to part your hair in five to six sections then braid your hair from top to bottom. At the bottom of the braids, add a ribbon or cute rubber band. Finally, curl the section you reserved in the front of your hair.

French Twist


To fix this hairstyle, you want to comb out a small section of the hair and place it to the front for curling after you fix the French twist. To fix the French twist, you would twist your hair and then tuck long boby pins on the inside of the twist to hold it in place. Finally, you would curl the front part of your hair.

Straight Hairstyle With Accent Braids


You can wear your hair in a cute straight hairstyle but add the wow factor by braiding some of your hair to create accent braids inside the rest of your straight hair. As you braid some strands of your hair, you can weave in colored strands of hair weave into the accent braids and this gives your hairstyle extra flair.

Box Braids


To create box braids with bangs, place a small section of hair in the front of the hair and secure it with a bobby pin. You would then style the box braids and you do this by parting your hair in three sections and then you would place the right section on the middle section of the hair before placing the left section of the hair over the middle. Then you would curl the front part of your hair.

Just because you wear braids does not mean that you cannot have bangs because with these styles, you can look your best while wearing braids.. You want to take care of your braided hairstyles with products such as styling gel, hairspray and light hair grease so the style will not look dull. The main benefit of braids is that they are low maintenance and you can wear them in a variety of ways.