African American Braid Styles for Girls

African American braid styles for girls are plentiful. Braids have long been a part of the African American heritage, and today that heritage is expanded greatly with such creativity and thought put into the styles you’ll see atop the heads of African Americans.

The styles that you will see on little girls are styles similar to what you would find on anyone else.

What are Popular African American Braid Styles for Girls?

Numerous braid styles for girls have been created and are waiting to be created. You can really let your imagination soar with the styles that you create. If your little girl is old enough, allow her to get in on the selection process. Not only will she feel all grown up getting to help her mommy, you’ll get great bonding time together while she enjoys a flattering braid style she loves.

A few popular braid styles for little girls:-



Cornrows are a very popular style of braid. Little girls with cornrows look extra cute when colored braids are used on the top or the bottom of the braids.

Curly Braids


Curly braids are also popular. This is a style for girls with longer hair. It is cute and sweet on any little angel and works well for all face shapes.

Braided Up-do


The Braided Up-do Combo allows the top (or bottom) portion of your daughter’s hair to be braided (many people choose micro-braids, but any style works) while the other is left long or in another style.

Pigtail Braids


Pigtail braids are also cute for little girls of all ages. Consider micro braids at the top, following into the pigtails for an extra cute look.

Embellished braids are another style to choose from. These braids are simple and can be done quickly if you’re in a hurry. With these braids, a few hair clips and a few braids and you’re done.

Lose mini braids are really cute as well, and these styles look especially well for babies and younger girls. There are many ways to style these braids as well.

All of these braid styles for little girls are fun, easy, cute and creative, with many possibilities each. You can design your daughter’s hair to look fabulous for any event and it won’t take all day to do it when choosing these styles.

Of course there are numerous others that are available as well. Remember,use your imagination and your creativity to create tons of great braid styles for your daughter.

The Advantages of Braids

Braids create magnificent style that is sure to enlighten the eye, but the beautiful design is far from the only benefit of braids. Keeping your little girl’s hair in braids will strengthen it, something the brittle nature African American hair very much needs. With the strengthening also comes lengthening of the hair.

Braids are easy to care for and low maintenance. Once the initial braiding has taken place they can be left in the hair for a period of a few days to a few weeks, depending on the thickness of the hair. For little girls who may not like to have their hair braided or combed, this is great news!

Choosing Your Style

Choosing the style of braids that you want for your little girl is not difficult to do with so many gorgeous styles available. If you let your imagination soar the designs that you can come up with are immaculate and you can be sure she is ready for the day. Styles for Sunday best, a day at school or daycare, even an all-day shopping outing, there are braid styles that you will love for her to wear.