A Look at Trendy Hairstyles for Women Over 45 with Glasses

Every woman has a strong desire to look their best and feel their most attractive. For women who are trying to enhance themselves to look more beautiful it can be difficult to come up with the right style when wearing glasses. While glasses might not be the most trendy choice, there are many people who are stuck wearing them because they could not see the same without them. Choosing to look at the top trendy hairstyles for women over 45 with glasses can help you to come up with the hairstyles that you have always dreamed of.

Great Hairstyles for Women over 45

Thick Blunt Cut Bangs

Blunt cut

If you have thicker frames then you might want to try out a hairstyle that features thick blunt cut bangs. While this is not a style that would look good for everyone it is a style that looks fantastic on women who have thick glasses. This look perpetuates trendsetter and makes any woman look her best. Pair with the right make up and keep things simple to have the most acceptable style with this cut.

The Simple Side Swept Pony Tail

 Sleek Ponytail

While the ponytail is not something that is often featured on the top hairstyles for women over the age of 30, the right ponytail can look great on women who are much older. The idea with this pony tail is that you choose to have bangs that start back a bit further and are a bit longer than usual. Brush your hair where it has a long side part and then sweep the hair back into a pony tail that is in the middle of your head. If you choose a ponytail that is too high you will look like you are trying to be younger and a low ponytail can be boring and in some cases aging. Then allow your bangs to be swept back on that same side, applying some gel or pomade if needed to keep them back. This style looks great on any woman who is wearing classes.

A Choppy Layered Short Bob

Short Bob

A short bob that has choppy layers is a great choice of hairstyles for women over 45 with glasses. The choppy layers will keep focus away from the glasses and will help women to feel more confident about themselves. This style is perfect for staying out of the face while still looking modern and effortless.

Long Hair with Thick Highlights and The Top Pulled Back

Long Hair with Thick Highlights and The Top Pulled Back

This haircut is a modern twist on an old favorite. Many women who are over the age of 40 are going to remember when it was more popular to pull their hair back from the front and sides and secure the hair while leaving the back down. This is a hairstyle that has not been popular for many years. However, with the updates of thick highlights and a few pieces that fall out and frame the face, you will find that it is the perfect choice of hairstyles for women over 45 with glasses.